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Tin It to Win It: Canned Certified Seafood Is Making a Splash

Posted on July 14th 2022

This is not your mother’s tinned seafood. In fact, it might be closer to your great-great-grandmother’s. Most sources agree that the art of canning fish was pioneered in the early…

ASC Launches 2022 U.S. Marketing Events with Twin Cities GrillFest Pop-Up

Posted on May 27th 2022

It’s Taco Time! The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and partners served up nearly 4,000 grilled, ASC-certified shrimp tacos to attendees at the 2022 Twin Cities GrillFest this past weekend. Coastal…

A Responsible Guide to Wine and Seafood Pairing

Posted on May 25th 2022

A Responsible Guide to Wine and Seafood Pairing The worlds of wine and seafood are wide, but they have a lot in common when sustainability is on the table. According…

How Seafood Helps Build a Stronger Immune System

Posted on April 6th 2022

Strengthen Your System with Seafood While our immune systems are naturally great at defending against microorganisms, sometimes germs invade, and we find ourselves dealing with illness. Age, nutrition, stress levels…

Shining A Light on Seafood Fraud

Posted on March 23rd 2022

The last time you ate seafood at a restaurant did you consider that what showed up on your plate may not have been what you ordered? Chances are the potential…

Get To Know Blue Ocean Mariculture: ASC’s First Certified U.S. Finfish Farm

Posted on March 15th 2022

Raising ASC-Certified Kanpachi on the Big Island As part of our mission to help you add responsibly raised seafood to your plate, we are fortunate to work with some of…

Women in Aquaculture: The Inside Track

Posted on March 4th 2022

What’s it like to be a woman working in aquaculture? International Women’s Day offers a perfect chance to ask two of ASC’s own team members about their experiences in the…

Why Seafood Watch still considers ASC salmon from British Columbia a ‘buy option’

Posted on December 20th 2021

Seafood Watch rates all ASC-certified salmon as a ‘buy option’ If you have seen that Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch has rated farmed salmon from British Columbia as ‘red’ in…

Verifying Seafood Origin With Better Than 95% Accuracy

Posted on November 30th 2021

Introducing Trace Element Fingerprinting ASC has unveiled a new technology that allows us to verify ASC-certified seafood back to its farm of origin with better than 95% accuracy. It’s a…

Can Responsible Aquaculture Benefit U.S. Climate Policy? We Think So

Posted on June 11th 2021

As awareness of responsible aquaculture’s wide-ranging benefits increases in the U.S., ASC is moving the conversation forward in more ways than one – particularly when it comes to climate change.…

Explained: What is RAS Aquaculture?

Posted on May 24th 2021

Aquaculture is an innovative industry – it doesn’t stand still for long. Fish farming has traditionally been done in either ponds or sea cages – in fact this practice goes…

Seaspiracy: Why We Believe Responsible Aquaculture is More Important than Ever

Posted on March 25th 2021

At ASC we’ve been working to improve standards in farmed seafood for a decade, so we are always pleased to see people talking about issues around responsible seafood. This is…

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