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Fortune Fish & ASC Celebrate Certified Seafood at Ghoulishly Great October Gathering

October 31, 2022

Not to scare you, but last week Fortune Fish & Gourmet capped National Seafood Month and kicked off Halloween by hosting 75+ influencers for a “Scary Good Certified Seafood Celebration” at its Coastal Seafoods retail store in Minneapolis.

Held Oct. 26 together with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), the invite-only gathering joined food media, social media personalities, seafood producers, distributors and retail buyers to discover and taste a delicious array of responsibly raised, ASC-certified seafood curated by Coastal Seafoods’ culinary team.

Fortune, Coastal and ASC staff in mere hours converted Coastal Seafood’s retail space into a Halloween homage featuring fog machines, fire pits, faux fish skeletons, cobwebs and chillingly artful seafood cases brimming with ice-cold beverages and ASC-certified seafood.

Coastal Seafoods spooky case

Coastal Seafoods team behind case

While Fortune, Coastal and ASC speakers shared insights into their mutual commitment to advancing aquaculture from farm to fork, guests – many decked in costumed and seafood-themed attire – feasted on ASC-certified Seared Aqquua Grouper with Japanese Vinaigrette; Seared Verlasso Salmon with Charred Corn Salsa; Peruvian-Style Del Pacifico Shrimp Ceviche; Cured Aqquua Grouper with Cucumber & Dill; Del Pacifico Shrimp Toast; and Verlasso Salmon Gravlax, the latter being a long-awaited reprisal of Coastal’s beloved gravlax, which is now available in-store.

Del Pacifico Shrimp Ceviche
ASC-Certified Del Pacifico shrimp ceviche
Verlasso salmon gravlax
ASC-Certified Verlasso salmon gravlax

“Our aim was to not just tell Twin Cities influencers, but also offer a taste as to why Fortune Fish and Coastal Seafoods are committed to responsible aquaculture,” said Chris Blankenbaker, Director of Retail, Fortune Fish & Gourmet. “I don’t think anyone has had a certified seafood celebration quite like this, and we were proud to hold this one-of-a-kind event in partnership with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.”

Influencer photo shoot

“Fall in Love With Farmed Seafood This Season” Promotion Underway

The event also marked Fortune Fish and Coastal Seafood’s opportunity to highlight its month-long “Fall in Love With Farmed Seafood This Season” promotion, which runs through November 15 featuring:

  • Special ASC-certified seafood items at Coastal Seafoods’ Minneapolis location
  • Promotions on ASC-certified Fortune Fish & Gourmet products for Fortune partners
  • Online activations from all three organizations to promote responsibly raised seafood
  • Coastal Seafood’s Marketing Director Keane Amdahl conducting local media tours sharing recipe inspiration with ASC-certified seafood and more

Diner enjoys seafood

Event is ‘Exclamation Point’ for ASC’s 2022 “New Way to Seafood” Marketing Campaign

The “Scary Good Certified Seafood Celebration” and the continuing “Fall in Love With Farmed Seafood This Season” promotion culminates year one of ASC’s first-ever North American marketing campaign, which will continue its national expansion for another 2-4 years.

Throughout 2022, ASC has conducted food festival sampling stations, restaurant dining events, grocery collaborations and other online and in-person activations with heavy emphasis in the Minneapolis, Miami and Philadelphia markets. Current and future events are aimed at showcasing what’s new and next in aquaculture to influencers and consumers, while building awareness nationwide. Next year’s tour will feature ASC conducting new activations in Washington, D.C., Portland, Ore., Southern California and nationally.

Social media store photo

“It’s been a pleasure rounding out a year of exciting and diverse seafood celebrations with this creative collaboration, brought to life by our partner Fortune Fish & Gourmet and the Coastal Seafoods team,” said Athena Davis, Marketing Manager, ASC North America. “We started 2022 off strong with Fortune Fish at May’s GrillFest extravaganza, so it’s only fitting to finish back in the Twin Cities. We’re floored not just by Fortune and Coastal’s enthusiasm for making this an unforgettable event, but by their continuous commitment to promoting responsibly farmed, ASC-certified seafood. This education and drive, particularly toward young seafood connoisseurs, helps generate powerful momentum for responsible aquaculture in the U.S.”

ASC and Coastal Seafoods leadership
ASC and Coastal Seafoods leadership celebrates culmination of 2022 events

About Coastal Seafoods

With locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Coastal Seafoods has been providing the Twin Cities best seafood for more than 35 years.

About Fortune Fish & Gourmet

Fortune Fish & Gourmet is the premier fresh and frozen seafood processor and specialty food distributor servicing Michelin Star restaurants, James Beard Award winning chefs, hotels, country clubs and grocers from our facilities.

Man talking

Guests chat certified seafood

Seared Aqquua Grouper

ASC-Certified Seared Aqquua Grouper

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