Know where your seafood came from and how it was raised: look for our sea green label

Why choose the ASC-certified label for your next seafood purchase?

Since 2010, ASC has been creating and enforcing the world’s strictest combination of standards for:

  • Ensuring supply chain integrity from the farm to the store
  • Providing the most comprehensive transparency through public disclosure
  • Protecting the environment, workers and communities

Why a Certification Label Matters

Farmed seafood accounts for more than half of seafood consumed worldwide and is growing rapidly. Nevertheless, the industry has significant challenges, including mislabeling and fraud.

A variety of certification programs have entered the market to set standards for improved and more responsible seafood farming. But not all farmed seafood certifications are equal. For example, some certifiers don’t include farms in their chain of custody tracking or do not make unannounced inspections of seafood farms.

ASC does.

Sea Green. Be Green.

The ASC’s certification label is developed on four building blocks:

1. Farm Standards
The ASC standards for farms are some of the toughest and most responsible in the world. These are strict requirements improving quality and safety, as well as qualifications each farm must follow to protect the environment, workers and surrounding communities.

2. Chain of Custody
These are requirements each member of the seafood supply chain – from the farm to the store – must follow to prevent fraudulent mislabeling and promote secure handling of seafood.

3. Rules for Certification
Through these rules, ASC and independent auditors monitor the farms as well as all members of the supply chain to ensure they are in compliance with ASC’s checks and balances.

4. Label Controls
These controls authenticate that ASC labeled seafood comes from certified farms and supply chains. As a result, shoppers and retailers can be confident that the seafood produced matches the seafood sold.

ASC is the only certification program that can verify: your seafood is what it claims to be, where it came from, how it was responsibly raised, and how it got to you. What’s more? When you choose ASC labeled seafood, not only are you protecting oceans, coasts and wildlife, but you are also investing in restoring them.

Together with our partners, ASC is moving aquaculture forward by improving the reliability and transparency of farm-raised seafood across North America and the world. Search ASC labeled products by clicking here.

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