In this episode, you’ll take a tour with chef Antonio Paladino around his aquaponic farm, Bioaqua.

Antonio’s interest in aquaponics first began as a quest for quality ingredients, but grew into a passion for every aspect of the technique, culminating in the foundation of his farm.

Tune in to learn how aquaponic farming works and why it might be the answer for feeding a growing population in increasingly challenging environments.

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“By allowing every pest to thrive, they actually look after each other and then none of the pests will go beyond our control and ruin our crops.” – Antonio Paladino

Show Notes:

  • What aquaponics is
  • Why Antonio is excited about aquaponics
  • Why aquaponics is more efficient than traditional farming
  • How aquaponics eliminates the risk of fish parasites
  • How Antonio learned aquaponics
  • The foods that can be grown with aquaponics
  • How to get started with aquaponics
  • The future of aquaponics

“There are some people out there who like to play Sudoku– this is my Sudoku!” – Antonio Paladino on running Bioaqua

Links Mentioned:

  • Learn more about Bioaqua Farm:

Facebook | Twitter | Bioaqua Farm

Published on
Friday, 17 September 2021