In this episode, you’ll take a tour of a Scottish salmon farm owned by Mowi Scotland. You’ll learn about how Mowi is taking steps to keep their fish happy and healthy using careful design, cutting-edge technology, and clever biology.

Then, you’ll hear an in-depth conversation with ASC Standards Coordinator Janneke Aelen about why ASC standards are being revised to cover fish welfare more broadly. You’ll learn about the inner world of a fish, how to measure the stress response of a population of fish, and why fish welfare is becoming increasingly important.

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“If you can provide the best possible environment for your fish, the fish reward you.” – Rory Campbell

Show Notes:

  • Why welfare metrics have become more sophisticated recently
  • Why lower stocking density is not always better for fish
  • How Mowi uses cleaner fish to keep their salmon free of parasites
  • How Mowi is leveraging new technology to improve farm fish welfare
  • Why ASC is now adding specific fish welfare indicators to their standards
  • How to measure fish stress levels
  • Why fish welfare is vitally important

“Fish have personalities: one fish would respond completely differently to a situation than another fish would.” – Janneke Aelen

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Published on
Friday, 17 September 2021