Tune in for a conversation with Dr. Malcolm Dickson about the quiet aquaculture revolution in Bangladesh.

Dr. Dickson is an aquaculture consultant based in Stirling, Scotland.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the importance of aquaculture in Bangladesh, how aquaculture could help empower women and feed poor and disadvantaged people, and how aquaculture in Bangladesh may be affected by climate change.

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Malcolm Dickson on Aqua Culture

“The time has come— there’s enthusiasm for investment in aquaculture [in Bangladesh] and I’m very interested in trying to support that.” – Dr. Malcolm Dickson

Show Notes:

  • The quiet aquaculture revolution in Bangladesh
  • Why aquaculture works so well in Bangladesh
  • How aquaculture could help feed poverty-stricken people
  • The challenge of aquaculture certification in Bangladesh
  • How aquaculture in Bangladesh will be affected by climate change
  • The future of aquaculture in Bangladesh

“I think it is a quiet revolution, except it’s only quiet to people outside of the country. For Bangladeshis, they know everything about [aquaculture].” – Dr. Malcolm Dickson

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Published on
Friday, 17 September 2021