Today, the ASC’s Genevieve Hayward talks to Wayne Di Bartolo about how aquaculture businesses can contribute to the communities in which they are based. Wayne works for Pacific Reef Fisheries, an ASC-certified tiger prawn farm in Australia’s North Queensland.

You’ll learn how Pacific Reef Fisheries is giving back to their local community, how aquaculture plays a vital role for rural jobs and economies, as well as Pacific Reef Fisheries leading environmental remediation system.

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“There is a skill shortage so we need the government to help us out there and provide opportunities for training.” – Wayne Di Bartolo

Show Notes:

  • How aquaculture can help provide year-round work in rural communities
  • How Pacific Reef Fisheries is giving back to their local community
  • How Pacific Reef uses the natural environment to improve water quality
  • Why Pacific Reef Fisheries decided to become ASC certified
  • The future of prawn farming technology
  • Five Australian aquaculture facts

“The processes that are used to produce [aquaculture] products now are world class. We’re using more sustainable feeds. We’re using more sustainable processes– growing them without any chemicals or hormones. I think Australians should definitely look to this option as their top choice.” – Wayne Di Bartolo

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Published on
Friday, 17 September 2021