• Medium

Serves 4


Ingredients (all should be room temperature)

  • 2 oz or 225 g ASC-Certified Hawaiian Kanpachi
  • White sweet potato, steamed with skin on (if it’s not too thick! Or else peel them), 100g
  • Coconut milk, 100g
  • Grapefruit hibiscus kombucha vinegar (or any light, mild and effervescent vinegar – lighter than apple cider vinegar) – I’m using Baba’s Acid Trip, 35g
  • Optional: 1g Maui Lavender Ponzu
  • Hawaiian red clay (alaea) sea salt to taste


  • Gamtae seaweed strands
  • Okinawan sea grapes, 1-2 strands per portion
  • Perilla Oil to finish
  • Chili Peppah Water to taste

Instructions / directions

Recipe brought to you by Chef Kiki Aranita

Serves 4 generous appetizer portions (pupus!)

  1. Slice Hawaiian Kanpachi sashimi-style to about 1cm thickness
  2. Combine all ingredients (except for garnish ingredients) in Vitamix and blend until very smooth
  3. Spread coconut milk mixture on plate and lay sashimi slices over it
  4. Finish with a few drops of perilla oil, decorate with sea grapes and gamtae and use chili peppah water to taste
Hawaiian Poisson Cru

This recipe is brought to you by Chef Kiki Aranita

Kiki Aranita was chef/owner of the beloved, award-winning Poi Dog restaurant in Philadelphia and now runs Poi Dog Philly sauce company. Kiki is a James Beard nominated writer whose work focuses on food culture and the restaurant industry, while continuing to create internationally-inspired dishes with an eye – and a taste – toward sustainable seafood.